Challenging DWI Evidence

Never Give Up Hope

Many people assume that being stopped for DWI and failing a sobriety test is the end of the case; however, any DWI charge can be fought in court by a seasoned attorney. Attorney Steve O. Gonzalez has 18 years of experience fighting DWI charges in Texas and his legal advice and representation could make all the difference for your case.

Fighting DWI Your Charges

Some of the tactics used to challenge the evidence of a DWI include:

  • Human error accounts for mistakes made by law enforcement officers while conducting a field sobriety test or roadside breath test or failing to inform the driver of the consequences of refusing a chemical test.
  • Mechanical error in sobriety instruments especially breathalyzers and in the equipment which processes blood samples can account for erroneous readings.
  • Defendant's Rights need to have been maintained at all times during a traffic stop and arrest and if probable cause is lacking when making a traffic stop, the case can be thrown out.

There are several points at which an error can be made by law enforcement or lab technicians which would render your breath or blood sample inadmissible in court. In addition, if you can prove you have a medical condition which affected your ability to perform the field sobriety test or the accuracy of the results of your breath or blood test, the results could also be inadmissible. Similarly, if your rights were violated during the police stop because you were not exhibiting behavior associated with DWI or you did not break any traffic laws, your case could be thrown out.

Your Best Defense: Steve O. Gonzalez

The Law Office of Steve O. Gonzalez is deeply committed to giving their clients a fighting chance in court. Attorney Steve O. Gonzalez has the experience you will need to fight off DWI charges and clear your name.

Call our office today to schedule a case evaluation where we can put together a solid legal defense tailored to your situation.


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