Domestic Violence Charges in Texas

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If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, you’re more than likely confused, stressed, and overwhelmed by the whirlwind that has just hit you. Domestic violence, or violent conduct against a family member, spouse, roommate, or close friend, is unfortunately an all-too-real problem. However, unlike many other offenses, domestic violence is unique in that many people are wrongfully accused of this crime. Whether it’s a vengeful spouse looking to gain the upper hand in child custody proceedings or an opportunistic significant other looking to ruin the life of the person who just broke off the relationship, there are many different ways in which these accusations can be falsely levied. This only further necessitates the need for a qualified Brazoria County criminal defense attorney who can fight to clear your name and reputation.

At the Law Office of Steve O. Gonzalez, we understand how serious domestic violence charges can be, and we’re committed to being the team who can help you seek the best possible outcome to your case. We believe everyone who faces serious criminal accusations should have a powerful ally on their side, and we’re not afraid to face your prosecutors head-on and fight to clear your name from these extremely serious charges. We’re proud of our record of success, and our dedication, passion, and unmatched work ethic are at the forefront of everything we do. Whether it’s our preparation or our arguments in court, we’re thorough in everything we do.

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Difficulties of Domestic Violence Cases

What makes domestic violence charges so difficult to overcome? There are a number of different factors. On one hand, while the law is supposed to be impartial, humans rarely are and sometimes it can be difficult to get past jury bias that usually leans in favor of the victim and prosecution. These cases are often seen as “guilty until proven innocent,” rather than the other way around.

This only becomes more difficult when the facts and evidence in cases may come down to contrasting testimonies which tell a completely different story. Evidence to support each side’s claims may be hard to come by, and it takes an extremely skilled attorney to analyze the facts of each case and come up with a cohesive strategy for effective defense. This is particularly true in instances where there are no documented injuries, no witness testimony, and no other forms of evidence beyond the word of the alleged victim.

Penalties for Domestic Violence

Those who are convicted of domestic violence face serious consequences both from the law and in their normal daily life once their sentence has been completed. Because these cases are often so heavily scrutinized, it’s not uncommon for those who are accused to be ostracized or looked down upon, even facing difficulty finding employment or a place to live. Some even find they have to relocate in order to get a fresh start.

Penalties for domestic violence can include:

  • Incarceration in state jail or prison
  • Heavy fines
  • Immense social stigma
  • Loss of rights to firearm ownership, licenses, and more

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