Violent Crime Attorney in Brazoria County

Providing Defense to Violent Crime Allegations

Violent crimes are some of the most heavily penalized crimes in Texas law. Because they are seen to be such a gross offense in the public eye, it’s not uncommon for those convicted of a violent crime to face everything from long jail sentences to heavy fines and even additional consequences like restricted employment eligibility or lost housing opportunities. Violent crime convictions can have a tremendous impact on your life, so it’s important to do everything you can to defend your reputation if you’re arrested and charged.

At the Law Office of Steve O. Gonzalez, our Brazoria violent crime lawyer understands how severe accusations of a violent crime are, and we don’t hesitate to help when you need us. Our advocacy has been proven effective over nearly two decades in business serving the Brazoria and Galveston County areas. Our long history of success and satisfied clients demonstrates not only our skill in and out of the courtroom, but the service and experience we offer each of our clients who entrust the fight for their rights to our team. When you’re facing violent crime charges, you can’t afford to try and defend yourself—trust a professional who has the experience and knowledge of how to face your prosecution and give yourself the best chance of a desirable outcome.

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Experienced Counsel for Serious Violent Crime Charges

Because violent crimes are so heavily stigmatized in the public sphere, it’s not uncommon for cases to take on a number of added complexities and stresses that can easily become overwhelming to handle on your own. Here at the Law Office of Steve O. Gonzalez, we can handle everything from pre-trial motions and processes to dealing with media coverage and press scrums that are constantly searching for information. We believe everyone deserves the finest counsel and representation when facing charges that are so serious in nature.

We may be able to help you if you’re facing any of the following criminal accusations:

Defenses to Violent Crimes in Brazoria County

Violent crimes are somewhat unique in that there are a number of widely-accepted defenses that may result in your charges being dropped or your case dismissed. For example, if you needed to use force in order to defend yourself from an imminent and obvious threat of violence, harm, or injury against yourself or another, then your actions may have been justified under self-defense or defense of others laws. If you want to determine whether this or any other type of justification applies to your case, or if you believe that your actions were legitimately in self-defense, then you shouldn’t hesitate to speak to a Brazoria County violent crime attorney who can help you develop your defense and plead your case in court.

If you are facing charges for a violent crime, contact the Law Office of Steve O. Gonzalez online now to get started with your case!

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